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"Online Class" how it be managed ? what the difference between home self practice and online class?

ORGDA online class will invite coaches and demonstration gymnasts to interact with each of the gymnast practice from home.  coaches will prepare exercises and corrections for the gymnast who demonstrate the movements. and keep an eye on the screen to correct each of the gymnast practice from home. the difference between self practice and online class is that girl will not be bored during a practice by themself and have more motivation to working harder with each other. coaches corrections will help them to avoid wrong movements and bad placements etc...

Why it is shorter than the regular practice?

The regular practice is a group class we have a rotation for girls to run through one by one. but online class we focus on individual only. one of other reason is to protect our kids from an eye  damage for stay too long with the screen. we planned to have a 10min break in between each of the 30min practice. and girls need to be online 10min before our class start.


Step 1: Download the Zoom apps through your laptop or mobile devices.


Step 2 : Create or take the existing vaild email and send it to me for connecting and sending the room link to your child/ren. (if you don't send the mail address to me i will presume you will not attending for the online class).


Step 3 : Learn about the basic functions of the app and create an account for your child/ren. 


Step 4 : Get the devices prepared tomorrow(Sunday) afternoon 3pm for a testing session.


What we need for the online practice ?

1. Gymnasts need to wear practice wear and toe shoes.

2. Practice floor need to be clean and better with a carpet. otherwise a yoga mat will be good too. 

3. Equipments such as a ballet barre or a chair for holding balance.

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