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ORGDA Control meet 2023 Final Results & Awards

Level 1 All around

1st Place - Li Liz (ORGDA)
2nd Place - Chen Mandy (ORGDA)
3rd Place - Kloos Adelyn (ORGDA)

Grand Champion - Li Liz (ORGDA)

Approved for move up to the next level
Xiong Wynnie/Zhang Tammi/Cai Christie/Wu Zoe/Chan Cadence/Legaspi Yulla/Wu Cecilia/Zhu Angelina

Level 2 All around

1st Place - Ellison Verity (ORGDA)
2nd Place - Wang Sofia (ORGDA)
3rd Place - Lee Cynthia (ORGDA)

Grand Champion - Ellison Verity (ORGDA)

Approved for move up to the next level
Payanat Devakis/He Isabella/

Level 3 All around

1st Place - Maqueda Del Toro Mia (SRG)
2nd Place - Adamy Gretha (ORGDA)
3rd Place - Xu Jinglin(Annie) (ORGDA)
4th Place - Ozcanli Madlen (ORGDA)

5th Place - Strobeck Eva (ORGDA)
6th Place - Ganzorig Tegshzaya (SRG)
7th Place - Zhang Heidi (ORGDA)
8th Place - Chin Marina (ORGDA)
9th Place - Sherbakov Emma (ORGDA)
10th Place - Huangfu Grace (ORGDA)
11th Place - Rodriguez Victoria (ORGDA)
12th Place - Chung Riley/Xu Vivi(Jiahui)

Grand Champion - Maqueda Del Toro Mia (SRG)

Level 4 All around

1st Place - Li Grace (ORGDA)
2nd Place - Zhen Haylee (ORGDA)
3rd Place - Wheeling Lydia Chen (ORGDA)
4th Place - Chan Wing Hey/Chan Alyssa
6th Place - Su Elisha (ORGDA)
7th Place - Xie Alex (ORGDA)
8th Place - Gurevich Katerina (ORGDA)
9th Place - Salakhova Karolina (ORGDA)
10th Place - Liu Erin (ORGDA)
11th Place - Jackson Luna (ORGDA)
12th Place - Xie Olivia (ORGDA)
13th Place - Ou Heng Yuan (ORGDA)

Grand Champion - Li Grace

Level 5 All around

1st Place - Ange Claire (ORGDA)
2nd Place - Tumenbayar Crystal (SRG)
3rd Place - Kitsis Hana (SRG)
4th Place - Mcmanama Samantha (ORGDA)
5th Place - Deng Lizbeth (ORGDA)
6th Place - Remick Olivia (ORGDA)

Grand Champion - Ange Claire (ORGDA)

Level 6 All around

1st Place - Xian Maggie (ORGDA)
2nd Place - Wang Christina (ORGDA)

Grand Champion - Xian Maggie

Level 7 All around

1st Place - Weng Chloe (ORGDA)
2nd Place - Hulbert Amelia (SRG)
3rd Place - Wang Seaya (SRG)
4th Place - Fischer Alana (ORGDA)
5th Place - Imbert-diaz Vivienne (ORGDA)

Grand Champion - Weng Chloe (ORGDA)

Level 8 All around

1st Place - Li Audrey (ORGDA)

Grand Champion - Li Audrey (ORGDA)

Level 9 Junior All around

1st Place - Shen Elizabeth (ORGDA)
2nd Place - Zhao Cynthia (ORGDA)
3rd Place - Palmer Eleanor (ORGDA)

Grand Champion - Shen Elizabeth

Level 9 Senior All around

1st Place - Kennett Arianna (ORGDA)
2nd Place - Long Jizelle (ORGDA)
3rd Place - Kaplan Eden (ORGDA)

Grand Champion - Kennett Arianna (ORGDA)

Xcel Platinum All around

1st Place - Dellitt Nadia (ORGDA)

Grand Champion - Dellitt Nadia (ORGDA)

Competition video 

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