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Tuition Checklist

Rhythmic Gymnastics
Kids Ballet

Youngstar : $82/Month

Level 1: $120/Month

Level 2: $165/Month

Level 3: $205/Month

Level 4: $390/Month

Level 5: $408/Month

Level 6: $458/Month

Level 7 & up : $508/Month

Dance class : $65/Month


Pre-Ballet : $82/Month
(one class per week)

Pre-Ballet : $155/Month

(Two class per week)

Pre-Professional: $205/Month
(Two class per week)

Pre-Professional: $125
(one class per week)

Grade 1: $278/Month

Grade 2: $378/Month


Registration fee:
$120( Only for new students and returning students)one time charge.

Yearly Membership fee:
$35 Per year(for all students)


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